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Catastrophe Response

Within hours of an event ICE can be on site to provide support to catastrophe response team adjusters. Whether the catastrophe is the result of tornados, hurricanes, flooding or earthquake, ICE provides the expertise to make the causal determination and specify the extent of repairs required.

ICE is experienced handling the high volume claims resulting from a catastrophe, and is able to process them in an efficient manner so that the adjuster can have the technical support needed to quickly make coverage determinations. Our design and construction experience enables us to make immediate recommendations for temporary bracing on repairable structures to prevent damage propagation.

Having performed hundreds of mold inspections in the gulf coast region, ICE can separate pre-existing mold problems from new mold caused by a recent event, and can make recommendations to prevent a simple water intrusion claim from ballooning into a major mold issue. The ability to differentiate between long-term pre-existing issues and recent damage is important as the damage on over 50% claims from Hurricane Ike that we inspected were a result of lack of maintenance and were not hurricane related.

ICE can be an integral part of your response team. Call us today!

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